Patrick Mannion

Founder and Managing Director , ClariTek, LLC

Patrick Mannion is Founder and Managing Director of ClariTek, LLC, a high-tech editorial services company. After graduating with a National Diploma in Electronic Engineering from the Dundalk Institute of Technology, he worked for three years in the industry before starting a career in b2b media and events. He has been covering the engineering, technology, design, and the electronics industry for 25 years. His various roles included Components and Communications Editor at Electronic Design and more recently Brand Director for UBM's Electronics media, including EDN, EETimes,, and TechOnline.

Posts by Patrick Mannion

Keysight Moves to Software Focus, But it Should Own the IoT

in Test.Pass Mar 14, 2017
Many test-and-measurement companies have been sensing and helping analyze data for decades. That’s a fundamental aim of the IoT, and these firms......

Clear PAM-4 Signals at DesignCon 2017

in Test.Pass Feb 22, 2017
The path toward PAM-4 for 56-Gb/s channels and 400-Gb/s Ethernet is opening up, driven by multidimensional packaging and the need to optimize the......

DOT Raises Specter of Autonomous Vehicle Tech Pre-Approval

in Test.Pass Sep 30, 2016
The Federal Automated Vehicles Policy fills a need for government oversight of this rapidly evolving technology, but is pre-market approval going too......

10 Scopes for Under $1,500

in Test.Pass Sep 06, 2016
Plenty of oscilloscopes that come in under $1,500 are available to get your workbench started, but which one is the best? Well, it depends....

Simplifying Device R&D and Basic System Test

in Test.Pass Aug 04, 2016
The pervasiveness of electronics means it’s critical to simplify test equipment so that beginners and professional users alike can get fast “time to......

NI’s 2nd-Gen VST Simplifies Scalable RF Test

in Test.Pass Jul 13, 2016
National Instruments will use NIWeek 2016 to demonstrate its new PXIe-5840 VST, featuring 1-GHz bandwidth and a much more powerful Virtex-7 FPGA....

3-in-1 Arbitrary Waveform Generator Joins IoT Fray

in Test.Pass May 31, 2016
If a product debuted in 2016 and it didn’t have a tie to the Internet of Things, did it ever really debut? This variation of the tree falling in the......

Interactive Apps Give Standard Test Equipment a Facelift

in Test.Pass May 03, 2016
The Keithley IVy app for the 2600B source measure unit (SMU) is a hands-on useful app that delivers a new look and mode of operation to a standard......

Low(er)-Cost Test Makes WiGig Even More Attractive

in Test.Pass Apr 12, 2016
WiGig’s 7-Gb/s throughput in the 60-GHz region has flirted with reality since at least 2007, but the emergence of ICs, modules, full end-equipment......