Maria Guerra

Power/Analog Editor

Maria Guerra is the Power/Analog Editor for Electronic Design. She is an Electrical Engineer with an MSEE from NYU Tandon School of Engineering. She has a very solid engineering background and extensive experience with technical documentation and writing. Before joining Electronic Design, she was an Electrical Engineer for Kellogg, Brown & Root Ltd (London. U.K.). During her years in the Oil and Gas Industry she was involved in a range of projects for both offshore and onshore designs. Her technical and soft skills bring a practical, hands-on approach to the Electronic Design team.

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Posts by Maria Guerra

Damage Control: Samsung Faces Note 7 Controversy Head-On

in Charged Up Mar 10, 2017
Samsung has revealed the findings of its investigation into well-publicized reports of its Note 7 smartphones catching fire....

NXP Spinout Nexperia Signals Changes in Market

in Charged Up Feb 27, 2017
Nexperia has been officially launched as an independent supplier of discrete, logic, and MOSFET devices....

NYU Wireless: Engineering Research Looks Beyond 5G

in Charged Up Dec 22, 2016
Having already shown that a Line of Sight isn’t necessary for millimeter-wave systems, NYU Wireless researchers keep innovating and researching......

Battery Safety: Do We Need New Regulations?

in Charged Up Dec 12, 2016
If Samsung’s aggressive design is found to be behind the explosions of the Galaxy Note 7, will the safety regulations for lithium batteries change?...

Wireless Charging Inches Closer to Commercial Reality

in Charged Up Oct 14, 2016
The production of wireless charging transmitter and receiver chip-sets based on WPC and A4WP/PMA standards is picking up. Several mobile chipmakers......

As Phones Catch Fire, Samsung Looks to Its Batteries

in Charged Up Sep 13, 2016
First we had hoverboards catching fire; now Samsung is recalling its Galaxy Note 7 phones because they are spontaneously catching fire......

U.S. Opens High-Band Spectrum for 5G Networks

in Charged Up Aug 05, 2016
The FCC made history last month by unanimously voting to pass the proposal of the Spectrum Frontier Proceeding....

London Post-Grad Team Wins Power Challenge

in Charged Up Jul 25, 2016
A post-graduate team from Imperial College London has won the inaugural GaN Systems Geoff Haynes Future Power Challenge....

Large-Scale Energy Storage Disrupting the Electrical Industry

in Charged Up Jun 07, 2016
The latest developments in energy storage promise a greener future for the electrical industry. With more effective and reliable interaction......

A 5G Summit Grows in Brooklyn

in Charged Up May 05, 2016
A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to attend the Brooklyn 5G Summit 2016 at NYU Tandon School of Engineering.......