Justin Spencer Mamaradlo

Engineer , ROHM LSI Design Philippines, Inc.
Justin Spencer D.L. Mamaradlo is an electronics engineering graduate of the University of Santo Tomas, the Royal and Pontifical university of the Philippines and the oldest university in the country. During his academic years, he specialized in communications and networking technologies and was recognized in the Dean's list. He passed the government license examination with the second highest average in his batch. He is currently working in the semiconductor industry. 
Aside from a thirst for knowledge and innovation in electronics, he also likes playing classical piano and guitar. He occasionally volunteers for environmental causes with Greenpeace and is an enthusiastic learner of formal chess.

Posts by Justin Spencer Mamaradlo

An Amateur’s View on the P2 (Part 2): Slew Rate and the Oscillator

in Guest blogs Jan 26, 2017
Justin Mamaradlo takes a further look into the P2 op amp and how it functions, analyzing the oscillation and slew-rate characteristics of the......

An Amateur’s View on the P2 (Part 1)

in Guest blogs Dec 12, 2016
Justin Mamaradlo performed LTSpice simulations on the venerable P2 op amp, prompted by a recent Electronic Design article on an updated varactor......

Simple Yet Effective ESD Testing Methods for Higher Reliability

in Guest blogs Jul 15, 2016
There are multiple ways to test for electrostatic discharge, ranging from implementing a human-body or machine model to....using a balloon and a comb?...

Confabbing on the Fabless Fad

in Guest blogs Apr 08, 2016
High capital and maintenance costs, and EDA advances along with abstractions to deal with chip complexity, have been leading contributors to the......

What is All This Nanogenerator Stuff, Anyway?

in Guest blogs Sep 16, 2015
Nanogenerators, which harvest energy from the environment, could be the next big thing in renewable energy....

Inconspicuous Pitfalls in Datasheet Analysis

in Guest blogs Aug 04, 2015
Identifying the limitations of a datasheet saves lots of time, and cost, in terms of troubleshooting and redesigning circuits....

Four-Wire Sensing Can Make or Break Your Measurements

in Guest blogs Jun 30, 2015
Erroneously implementing four-wire sensing into a measurement instrument can be disastrous, so it becomes critical to have a firm grasp of how sense......

Transition from the Academe to the Industry Unraveled (Part 2)

in Guest blogs May 01, 2015
Some few months ago, I wrote an article contrasting academe and work life as well as the adjustments and precautions that had to be made by a typical......

Bridging Technical Communication Barriers Between Cultures

in Guest blogs Dec 15, 2014
Understanding technical concepts in different languages can sometimes prove to be difficult, particularly when you have to communicate it. In this......

Transition from the Academe to the Industry Unraveled

in Guest blogs Nov 11, 2014
There have been many arguments here and there about how short-comings of universities and colleges yield engineers with skill sets that do not cater......