James Morra

Associate Content Producer,
Design, Engineering & Sourcing Group

James Morra is a graduate of Colgate University. He has been covering technology for Electronic Design since 2015. He also handles business news, including mergers, acquisitions, and the magazine's annual Engineering Salary Survey report. He is based out of Austin, Texas.

Follow him on Twitter @jamesmorra810.


Intel Looks to Wring Data out of Mobileye
Intel executives and industry analysts said that chip maker's $15.3 billion bet on autonomous cars has much to do with Mobileye's database of mapping and driving data.
Trump's Budget Calls to Eliminate ARPA-E 13
Without changes, President Trump's proposed budget would eliminate an agency trying to do for energy what Darpa did for computer networking and the global positioning system.
Forget Scaling. Moore's Law Panel Talks Power Consumption.
A panel of semiconductor experts at the South by Southwest festival sees a future that favors power-efficient computers instead of ones with smaller transistors.
Testing Boards with a Virtual Shake-and-Bake Machine 4
A software tool allows engineers to start life cycle testing much earlier in the design process. It helps weed out weaknesses in a board's design that might be missed in physical tests.
Oscilloscope Is Latest to Target Lower Price Range
The oscilloscope family packs sophisticated features, like 10-bit resolution and touch screens, into middle-of-the-road prices. It comes as other large test equipment makers drive down prices.
Intel Buys Mobileye, Chip Maker Giving Vision to Cars, for $15.3 Billion 3
The acquisition provides a booster shot to Intel's efforts around self-driving cars. It puts pressure on rivals Nvidia and Qualcomm.
Microsoft Embraces Server Chips Based on ARM Architecture
Microsoft said that it would use the chips for internal cloud in search, storage, databases, and machine learning.
In Quiet Endorsement of Silicon Carbide, Littelfuse Invests $15 Million in Monolith
Littelfuse has made a $15 million investment in Monolith Semiconductor, a startup developing power diodes and switches based on silicon carbide material.
Premium Processing for H1-B Visas Suspended for Six Months 7
The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services said that it would suspend it premium processing service for H1-B visas.
Q&A: Of Patents and Artificial Intelligence 2
A patent is proof of a person's creativity. So what happens when we let human-like software invent something on its own?
Masayoshi Son, Softbank Founder Betting on ARM, Preaches Security 1
"None of them are secure today," Mr. Son said of ARM's microcontrollers. The chips are increasingly being used in connected sensors and cars.
Sensors Reflect an Industry's Fascination with Gesture Control
The latest effort in gesture-controlled computing, a laser scanner has been developed that transforms any surface into a virtual user interface.
Every Step in Infineon's Failed Acquisition of Wolfspeed
The latest victim to gallium nitride's curse, the deal shows how tightly the United States is holding onto advanced technology. Here's all our reporting in one place.
With an Eye Toward Ruffling Intel, AMD Debuts Ryzen Processors 4
The new processors could stoke the fires of AMD's fading competition with Intel, which is facing problems in its personal computer business.
A Malware Experiment Foreshadows Factories Held for Ransom 4
A paper describes a type of ransomware that could infect devices used to control power plants, water treatment facilities, and factory assembly lines, until a ransom is paid.